Welcome to Clover Group

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Clover Group is the parent company to a group of businesses, each delivering a key component to the global supply chain.

The group of companies operates within specific verticals where a particular skillset is required in order to deliver world-class solutions to regulated environments. Clover Group clients rely on the ingenuity of our proprietary systems, the commitment and expertise of our advisory teams and the skill and dedication of our logistics workforce to deliver the innovations of tomorrow.

The Clover Group business are:

  • Clover Global Logistics
  • Clover Warehouse & Distribution
  • Clover IT Services
  • Clover Managed Services
  • Clover Consultancy Services
  • The Clover Group businesses operate both fully independently and in concert with one another. The corporate principles of regulatory compliance in the international supply chain mean that while the capabilities are broad and varied, the adherence to the compliance culture is a constant across the group.

    Clover Group is a global service partner with a multi-national profile. Our ever-growing portfolio of services are designed always with the clients’ needs in mind.

    Welcome to Clover Group.

    Our History

    Founded in 1993, the business (then called The Clover Shipping Company Ltd) was an industry leader in worldwide freight forwarding for complex, regulated and controlled cargo.

    Over the years, the company expanded and evolved into new areas beyond conventional freight forwarding. This meant that the Clover Shipping brand which had served us so well for so long, was no longer able to effectively convey the message of the new capabilities present in the business.

    Therefore, the company re-branded and deployed a group of subsidiaries, each with a unique mission to deliverto key complex industries, but each strictly adhering to the culture of regulatory compliance present in the original company.